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Hello! Welcome to My Website:

My name is Jay Moir: I am a wheelchair-user with cerebral palsy, currently living in Aberdeen Scotland. After suffering from mental health issues, I decided to change my life.

How did I do this?

Quite simply; I joined the gym! As crazy as this sounds it’s true. Spending time in the gym allowed me to forget about my problems for an hour or so. I felt strong, powerful, but most importantly; happy! It’s amazing how much a workout can improve our mental health. I think the majority of people think about the gym and imagine themselves tired, sweaty and uncomfortable as that ‘burning sensation’ aka, lactic-acid, fills our muscles up. But this is a good thing; in a way, this is your body thanking you for a stimulation shock. Our bodies need fresh/surprising exercise in order for it to adapt, become healthier and get stronger!

I have started this website to share my journey, thoughts/opinions and advice on all-things health/fitness/well-being!


What I Do

Gym Instructor

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