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Nowadays, mental health is vital. Unfortunately, when it comes to physique, aesthetics and body-goals, we often set ourselves unrealistic targets. We all strive to look like that guy or girl off instagram, but 9x out of ten, these photos are taken in a certain angle, a certain light and quite often, you’ll find that these models will tense, breathe-in or as i said; pose a certain way or alter the camera’s angle.

It’s no secret that photos are often photo-shopped, face-tuned, so on and so-forth. Of course i’m not discrediting these models; it is their job to look good, and my god, i’ll admit, they do! but i can almost guarantee you – they do not look this way 24/7 and this is where the trouble starts!

People will look in the mirror, notice a slight bulge, and instantly call themselves ‘fat’. however it is perfectly normal to have ‘rolls’ or bulges and there are a number of reasons for this:

  1. You may have just finished eating
  2. You may just be bloated, due to some water-retention
  3. YOU ARE HUMAN! – It’s normal for our body’s to fluctuate!

These models are PAID to look this way; probably restrict their calories for a period of time to look this way – you are not a model. you are you!

as i said – fair play to these models; of course it takes hard-work and determination to look that way – but like i also said; they don’t look this way all the time!

look at me! no 6-pack. do i want one? no, not really, because it means absolutely nothing! it doesn’t change anything. it doesn’t affect my positivity, my training or my relationship with food. Someone with a 6-pack isn’t any fitter or better than you in anyway – heath/fitness is not defined by visible abs. in my opinion, it’s defined by the work you put in.

Of course, i’m not saying “go and eat everything in sight” – i’m saying, STOP focusing on other people; focus on yourself! enjoy training, be positive, be proud of who you are, and if you have a belly like me; it’s great for balancing your phone on 😉

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