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Weight Loss (Fat Loss)

in just over a year and a half, i lost just shy of 5 stone. I did this through the ONLY method that works for fat loss; Calorie Deficit. Why, quite frankly; waste your hard-earned cash on fads such as Slimming World, Herbalife, and the worst of all – ‘Skinny Tea’ or ‘Fat-burners’? These simply, do not exist. They are money-making machines and if you actually do your research, some of these ‘diets’ have had lawsuits against them for containing illegal ingredients or mislabelling the nutritional information, and are even banned in certain places. There is no such thing as ‘Syns’ – It’s a f***ing bar of chocolate; calm down!

Everybody has their own calorie allowance to maintain, lose and gain weight. If you want a chocolate bar, have one – if you want a burger or a slice of pizza, have it! There is no such thing as ‘bad foods’ – calories are calories. Obviously there are foods that are nutritionally better for us; but ultimately 600 calories of pizza and 600 calories of fruit, yogurt and a slimming world shake is still 600 calories: It is exactly the same thing! We are led to believe that chocolate, pizza and crisps cause us to be fat; but this is not true! OVEREATING causes weight gain. You can have the healthiest diet in the world, but if you consume more than you burn; salad or not, you will get fat!

It’s about choices and balance. Why are you cutting out crisps? Why are you not allowed a chocolate bar? They are not ‘fat producers’, they are calories!

Like i said, in just over a year and a half, I changed my body…

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