Worried About Embarking On Your Fitness Journey? | JAY MOIR

When it comes to joining a gym or starting our own fitness and exercise journey, we suddenly begin to doubt ourselves. Typical doubts associated with this are; “I’m too fat”, “I don’t have abs/muscles” and/or, “I can’t lift heavy weights”. I know this because I was like that too! Naturally, we all envisage ‘the gym’ as some sort of showboating area; men with bulging muscles, women with the ‘perfect’ body, and I feel; in my opinion, this deters a lot of people, and like I said, I, Jay Moir, can completely relate.

However, with all that being said: I knew I was joining the gym for ME. I wanted and needed, to put myself in a healthier position both physically and mentally. I built up the courage to join and this is how I looked…

Of course; I was still apprehensive, but do you know what I realised almost instantly after arriving? Not one person there cared about how I looked. People are too busy caring about themselves, and that is exactly my point:

People go to the gym for their own benefit. They don’t go to look at others. Everybody in there is there to train, and all you are doing, is exactly that: going to train. Not only that; the majority of users weren’t ‘ripped’ and weren’t showboating at all.

3 years later – I’ve actually gone on to make friends in the gym; and people often acknowledge me and ask if I need any support.

The fitness industry is also a community, Of course, you’re bound to encounter the show-offs. But just focus on yourself.

That’s what I did and it well and truly, changed my life.

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