The ‘No Carbs’ Diet | Jay Moir

Of all weight-loss crazes, the ‘no carbs’ approach has to be one of the most misunderstood and mythological of all.

Firstly; carbohydrates should be your main source of energy in a balanced healthy diet. Carbohydrates are broken down into sugar, known as ‘glucose’ prior to being absorbed into your blood and then the glucose enters your body aided by insulin, allowing us the energy to go about our everyday lives.

Lack of carbohydrates can result in:

lack of energy, dizziness, confusion and dehydration

The common consensus is that the ‘no carb’ diet will make us lose weight – This is true but not in the way we think…

When we want to ‘lose weight’ – we are most likely to be talking about body fat and as discussed in a previous article, the ONLY way to lose body fat is through a caloric deficit. (see this article)

When we consume carbohydrates, for every gram stored, an additional 3 grams of fluid is retained; meaning when we cut out carbs, we are not losing body fat, we are losing that excess fluid.

Video Explanation…

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