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5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Feel Better About Getting Back Into the World

While some may be eagerly anticipating getting back into the world as soon as possible, for others this prospect may feel less exciting. If you’ve been staying home and working remotely, not socializing much, you may feel awkward and uneasy about mingling with people again. And the stress of the past year or so may, understandably, have taken its toll on your well-being. For those who are feeling anxious, low on confidence, here are some tricks for making yourself feel better and more positive right now, to prepare you for reentering society again.

Remember to hydrate.

If you are feeling sluggish or less than awesome right this minute, ask yourself whether you have had a drink of water recently – or whether you’ve been neglecting to hydrate sufficiently. You can be insufficiently hydrated without realizing it or even feeling thirsty. But the effects of not being hydrated enough are both physical and mental: you could be feeling crabby, low energy, headachy, anxious, and depressed. Lack of hydration can also slow your metabolism and make it harder to lose weight. It could even possibly increase your risk of stroke, so fill up your water bottle and take a good long drink – it will do you good. And even though water is the best hydrator, you can also drink a big glass of herbal tea, flavored seltzer, milk, juice, or kombucha, for similar benefits.

Do some quick cardio.

Does the prospect of exercise just seem like more work? Does going to the gym seem stressful? Luckily, you don’t have to commit to anything lengthy or hardcore, to get some of the benefits of cardiovascular exercise. Take just a few minutes to do some jumping jacks, or some dance moves, or a few runs up and down the stairs, to get the blood flowing and the endorphins flowing. As a bonus, doing these intense mini-workouts can lead to better health and a healthier metabolism, if you do them regularly.

Give yourself a mini makeover.

Being stuck at home for months on end, you might have started to feel like there’s not much point in maintaining your hair, fashion, or general appearance. And if you’re comfortable that way, that’s great! But for many people, dressing up a little canhelp you feel better about yourself. You may even want to invest in an affordable new outfit, accessory, or product, and play around with creative new looks.

Put on your favorite tunes.

It’s amazing the difference it can make for your mood and outlook, just to take some time to listen to some music that you love. Whatever the genre, whether upbeat or soothing or edgy, put some music on and let it give you a boost. For some people, even sad or melancholy tunes can help you to feel better. In addition, there are real-life health benefits associated with listening to and enjoying music.

Make a life change.

While this isn’t something you can do right this minute, there may be a decision you can make that will give you motivation and inspiration – to get rid of a bad habit, to learn something new, even to make a career change. You may decide to get some extra schooling, even go back to school for a new degree that can open exciting career opportunities in the future. Keep in mind that there are online programs that you can enroll in while still working and tending to your duties. You could get an online degree in accounting, for instance, and work as a freelancer, setting your own hours. Or you could get into fields as diverse as criminal justice, cybersecurity, or environmental science, without even leaving your home.

It’s okay if you don’t feel immediately enthusiastic about re-entering the world. Take the time that you need to ease yourself back slowly. And check out the other helpful and inspirational content at the website of Jay Moir.

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